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I have the worst possible combination of traits for making a good cover; a love of eye searing colors and fonts, and no idea how to use them properly.

Uh. Any tips on good comic cover design are really appreciated. This is far from the final design and I’m very willing to change it. I can already see some stuff to fix.

Aphelion is already out and available! But I’m trying to make an new cover format that I can use for all six comics.

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Why I Took My 7-Year-Old to a Tattoo Parlor | TIME.com



If there are any moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and more thinking about letting their little bbs decide if they wants theirs ears pierced, PLEASE read this and consider finding a clear, reputable tattoo shop in your area. This is a subject VERY dear to my heart, I love piercings, and every* one I have had done with a hollow needle has healed perfectly in less than two weeks with minimal pain, as opposed to piercings guns that have left me scarred, infected, and full of piercings that have never healed.

If your bubbettes want their ears pierced (If THEY want their ears pierced), do it right, and teach them a lesson in not judging people by their appearances at the same time :)

*aside from four very large very deep piercing all in done in the same area at the same time, by a fucking idiot. Just because a piercing is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s worth it, kids. No one likes messy scars and gross infections. 

Reblogging because this is what I did when getting my ears pierced (as an adult). I found one with a good reputation/proper inspections, the guy who did them was great at answering my questions, experienced, used a proper and sterile needle, and gave me a card for any follow up questions. He was a professional at that stuff.

Honestly wish my mother knew this when I got my ears done. I went to a dirty mall and had it all four holes done with a gun. Then I spent years dealing with infections and puss that never went away. After letting them close, I later went a real piercing place/tattoo parlor, and never had a problem since!

How to, like, write cover letters and resumes and know what jobs to apply to and shit.



Basically I have been blessed to be close to people who work in hiring and were very, very willing to pass along their knowledge and tips and since a lot of people I know on here seem mystified by these things, I will share my vast wealth of knowledge with…

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So, this happened… [@marvel/@starwars]